The Garden: Seed Starting

One of my favorite hobbies (and a time-consuming one at that) is gardening. My husband and I have already turned over and mixed in compost to 2/3 of our plots and have started some of our seeds at this point. We have six varieties of tomatoes, including two that we grew last year (the Brandywine, which favors the local climate and soil, and the black pearl cherry tomato). We’re also growing a Parks Whopper Supersteak, a Chocolate Cherry Tomato, a Tangerine Tomato (roma), and a Margherita Tomato (also a roma).

Peppers require a few more weeks to germinate, as do cukes and squashes; we’re growing the two varieties that we planted last year–a Costa Rican Sweet and a Pinot Noir.

We also direct sowed some turnips, spinach, and sugar snaps in beds and plots.

Being that I am pretty hardcore about the garden, I enjoy tracking its progress over the year from seed start to late season’s canning and pickling efforts. So I’ll share some of that here.

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