Write-a-thon 2011

Time to get off my ass. Write-a-thon‘s about to begin (and so is CW 2011–good luck to y’all!). Accordingly, here’s my pre-Write-a-thon slap upside the head post to remind me how important it is that I keep those appointments. Discipline. You and me, baby.

For the next six weeks, I will:

1. Get out of bed 30 minutes early.

2. I will not look at the news posted at Blue’s that I missed the night before or check out SF Signal or Engadget.

3. I will sit at my computer with my damned cup of coffee and I will:

a. Stare at the screen.

b. Growl at the screen.

c. Type until I have to get up to:

i. Get another cup of coffee.

ii. Take a shower.

4. Finish the Monuments Man story I’m working on first.

5. Finish other shorts in the to-be-completed pile and/or

6. Work on longer pieces.

7. Send at least one story out.

The hopes are that once those six weeks are up, I’ll be in the habit of getting up 30 minutes early and writing before work wrecks my capacity to think for the day.

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