Write-a-Thon: Day One

The Write-a-thon officially begins today. No doubt, the new class in Seattle is getting to know their instructor, the admins, volunteers, and each other. Whoever has the third floor room abutting the shared balcony (the one nearest the bathroom), hope you enjoy that room. It was also mine and the balcony will be invaluable should you encounter a heatwave. Do not sleep on the balcony when the frat boys next door are ‘sploding the fireworks.

I’m off on Sundays and Mondays, so no goal-specific matters today. I “slept in,” getting up at 7:30 AM today and enjoying the morning. After watching the rest of “The Rape of Europa” (again) on Netflix and poaching some eggs, I dug into writing.

New words: 918 words on novel; undetermined snipping/adding to short story “Entartete Kunst” (codetitle); lots of head-writing.

Music: None, alas. Had some Netflix streaming (“Double Take”) going on in background as I wrote and realized I should probably properly watch it at some point.

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