Write-a-Thon: End of Week Two

It is not an easy thing to type in a car. After I finally entered the beloved ZONE, a co-worker broke my stream with a valid question. So I gave up on Thursday and tucked away the laptop. (I did go crabbing a la trotline with my co-workers, which was a blast. I netted, and even more fun, ran the boat along the line for a number of passes.) Thursday was a very long day, however, so it wasn’t supremely productive.

Yesterday, I broke the 11,000-word mark, which means I wrote 4,000 words or so for the week. So while not as productive as Week One, I think that’s very respectable considering real-world intrusions.

I will be hanging out with two fellow 2009 Clarion West graduates today, hanging with an a fellow AmeriCorps alum tomorrow, then driving back south on Sunday. Since I’m off Monday and Tuesday as well, I’m hoping for some great productivity on those days. Crankity crankity crank.

I hope everyone has a boomtastic (and safe) Fourth of July weekend!

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