Write-a-Thon: Week Three Ends and Four Begins

When I attended Clarion West, Week Three was probably the toughest. I really had a hard time cranking out a story that week and just felt drained. Week Three Write-a-Thon was totally different, with me managing about 6,000 words and feeling pretty good about them. We’re in a different district of the Colors, and we have new characters on the scene, including a secondary I’m rather fond of.

Week Four means another busy week at work, so I have to do what I can on my off days. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be absolutely crushing, as we have our annual Wade In and our annual river report card launch. And I still have to work on my report card spiel. While I can handle public speaking, I need the practice and prep to pull it off well.


Friday: 1,700 words (broke 17,000 words)

Saturday was as productive as I imagined it would be. Meaning I didn’t scrape together many words.

I wrote about 800 words yesterday to kick off Week Four. I’m writing today, so we’ll see how well I do in a later post.

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