Write-a-Thon: Days Ten and Eleven

What can I say? Two days of being at work at 7:00 am have kicked my ass. I managed a few hundred words Tuesday morning and promptly had to rearrange them (and delete some of them) Tuesday night so they’d make–oh, I don’t know–a little sense.

I also have an early morning tomorrow. We’re having a “Resource Acquisition Day” tomorrow at work, which means a drive to Tilghman Island. Thankfully, I’m not driving (but I am getting paid to go crabbing, job +++), so I plan on carrying my laptop with me and getting some writing done on the way.

In other news, I have a short story idea, but it’s going in the notes file for now.


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Write-a-Thon: Day Nine

Busy day today, but I wrote this morning and some this evening. The work week begins tomorrow, but I’ll be out in the field quite a bit tomorrow. I’m planning to squeeze in some early-early morning writing before I turn the key. The goal is to nail a few hundred words in the morning, finish the scene I’m working on, and start working or at least thinking about the next scene.

Words: 1,200

Music: XPN2 this morning; some Doc and Dawg this evening.

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Write-a-Thon: Day Eight

It’s a day off and a productive one (in both wordsmithing and getting stuff done around the house).

Words: 1,700 (We visit the Yellow District for the first time.)

Music: Liszt. Lots of Liszt. Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 (“Pathétique“) ; Dvorak, Symphony No. 9 (“From the New World”).

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Write-a-Thon: Days Six and Seven

Right. Technically, Week One ended yesterday, and today’s the great in-between in CWdom. I hope it went well for this year’s class.

For the week, I wrote a total of 7,000 words. More so, I met my goals of waking earlier in the morning and writing before leaving for work. I’m stoked that I have been able to adjust.

Day Six words: 900

Week One Total: 7,000 words

Days that I wrote before work: 4/5

As I suspected, I was not able to write this morning before work but have written a few hundred words this evening. Next week (along with weeks four and six) are going to be tricky on Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to work obligations. I won’t be able to write before work on those days, so it’s crucial that I make up for those misses in the afternoon/evening instead.


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Write-a-Thon: Day Five

Took a co-worker out for birthday drinks last night, so this morning was somewhat slow and painful. I did manage to write a little, after taking a short ten minute nap. After waking up.

Words: 600

Time: 40 minutes

Music: Just the thud-thud-thud in my head.

I should be back on schedule tomorrow, but Saturday’s going to be tricky since I have such an early start. I may take Saturday as my day off.

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Write-a-Thon: Day Four

Weird schedule at work today, so early update post.

Time spent writing: 2 hours

Words: 1,500 (When you drink tea made with bullshark fins, expect the weird.)

Music: David Bazan, Strange Negotiations; WSCL.

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Write-a-Thon: Day Three

Not too bad on the first day of alarmdom. No snooze. Up at 6:30 am. Poured my first cup and powered on the computer. A few seconds later, I was writing. I’m fairly stoked about the production, although I haven’t gone back to read what I wrote this morning. So we’ll have to see if it makes any sense.

Total time writing in AM: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Total number of words: 1,100 (conspiracy +1, lead-up to intro of Lady Blue)

Music: SomaFM (Space Station Soma)

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